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Our Funders

We would not be able to continue our research without our generous funders and supporters! Funding is provided by the North Carolina General Assembly and managed by the North Carolina Collaboratory with help from the UNC-Chapel Hill Institute for Convergent Science.

A Few of Our Frequently Asked Questions

What is NC Pure and how is it funded?
The North Carolina PFAS University Research Alliance (NC Pure) aims to evaluate commercial and emerging technologies for PFAS remediation from North Carolina waters. We are an interdisciplinary group of chemists and engineers developing new, selective, PFAS remediation materials (sorbents), testing a wide range of waters from N.C. drinking water and wastewater treatment plants and wells, and designing and implementing pilot-scale water remediation systems to test remediation technologies at water treatment plants. The project is funded through the North Carolina Collaboratory, which aims to utilize and disseminate research expertise across the UNC system for practical use by state and local government.
What happens to the resin and PFAS once it has reached the end of its functional lifetime?
Many of the sorbents can be regenerated by washing with brine solutions. This results in a concentrated PFAS solution and clean sorbent which can be reused. In the future, we envision a treatment train for PFAS, wherein the PFAS are removed from the water by a sorbent, washed off the sorbent into a concentrated solution, then destroyed by one of many emerging PFAS destruction methods.
Will the resin be tested with my local water?
NC Pure is working with several utilities across North Carolina for lab and pilot-scale testing. For more information, please email us at

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